Sightseeing Poznan

Monday, February 23, 2015

I spent this weekend with my friends in Poznań, a city I would never expect to be so beautiful! The stunning colourful tenements in the Old Market square make Poznań original and alive. Also, I’d never thought the best shopping mall I’d see in my life would be in Poznań. Yes, I am talking about the gorgeous Browar building complex. Decored alleys, shops and restaurants make you feel like you are no longer in the mall. The main point of the city is located in front of famous Bazar hotel, known as Paderewski’s quarters during the rising of Wielkopolska 1918-1919.

What caught my eye during sightseeing the Old Market was a stand with eco bags. It’s quite funny, because I am Polish and I didn’t understand any single thing that was written on those bags. That’s because of the fact, that the designer used the local dialect which is used only in Wielkopolska region. So the bag you can see below says tytka na lumpy and that means bag for clothes. You can find more designs of Jan Szopa here.

We had lunch in a lovely place called Bar a Boo with a great variety of pastas and pizzas. The staff was very lovely and food absolutely delicious. The restaurant is located closely to the stunning railway station building, so if you are travelling with a bus or train, it’s definitely worth visiting.

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