Marvelling at Prague

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A while ago my boyfriend and I decided to visit Prague. I must admit I didn’t expect that trip to be so great. The capital of Czech Republic impressed me from the first day. The city has its own unique spirit, the architecture is absolutely beautiful and people are really lovely there. Apart from breathtaking views, the city has a huge variety of good restaurants and bars. Although Czech people are not used to have breakfast out, we managed to find few nice places to drink a morning coffee.

Our hostel was located right in the centre, few meters from Charles’s Bridge (Hostel Bridge on Trip Advisor). Thanks to that, we could sightsee almost everything on foot, which is the best way to discover the city.

Prague is a true European artistic city with its independent style. All over the city there are artists showing their paintings or art galleries where we could also drink a coffee.

As Franz Kafka is a famous national Czech writer, in Prague there are many places inspired by his era. One of them is Cafe Montmartre, inside there are many pictures taken from writer’s life, from youth until mature period. Prague’s restaurants are known for traditional decorations which includes pictures of famous Czech people.

The traditional Czech cuisine is pretty heavy, but nobody cares because it’s very tasty and personally I couldn’t get enough of a plate called knedliki and a snack called trdelnik. What made my man the happiest person in the world is the fact, that in Czech Republic they serve beer in 0,5 l jars and a pleasure like that costs only 1 euro.

The place that impressed me the most was a lovely boutique hidden somewhere inside a narrow street, called Coco’s Boutique. I have to say, that I’ve been in few shops with old designer’s stuff, but none of them can be actually compared to the one I saw in Prague. Inside it looks like a personal closet of Coco Chanel herself! With old vintage carpets and wallpapers it is like a Parisian boutique located somewhere in Czech Republic. The owner gathers some old collections and second-hand stuff from all over the world. We spent there almost two hours, because I was so amazed that I couldn’t decide what to buy. At the end I chose two pairs of golden vintage earrings. I was happy to find few other second-hand places, in one of them I caught the Louis Vuitton Paris scarf for 700 crowns.

The most amazing view we reached from the Royal Palace. We could admire the whole Prague’s panorama from one place, watching at the same time gorgeous gardens surrounding the palace.

The thing that surprised us the most was the amount of old and really expensive cars. I don’t know if the Prague habitants are so rich, but I haven’t seen so many expensive cars in any other city in Europe.

Before our departure we had a breakfast at lovely Italian place ran by real Italian cuisine experts. The buffet table was full of tasty stuff and we could take everything unlimited. With amazing coffee included we paid 200 crowns per each.

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