Swiss revelations

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This post is devoted to my recent Swiss revelations. During last two months I had opportunity to see Brunnen, Cham, Luzern and Lausanne. Below you can see the pictures from my trips.

Brunnen is a town situated in German part of Switzerland and it is known of stunning landscapes and gorgeous old town. The special route for hiking brought me and my friends to a breathtaking point on the hill, where we could admire the lake view.

Although in the morning it was quite rainy, the weather changed dramatically (that’s completely normal in Switzerland), so we could enjoy the sun for the rest of the day. We had dinner in a lovely Mexican place called Juanitos in Zug.

The following weekend I went with a couple of friends to Cham (also in German Kanton), where I took part in Techamsee beach party, which happens only once per year. The event was very well organised plus the weather was just fantastic! It’s a perfect event for house music fans as the deejays provided some really good tracks. The next day I went for a trip to Luzern, a gorgeous (but very touristy!) city, known because of its lovely promenade next to the lake.

My most recent trip was in Lausanne (French part of Switzerland) and although it’s a really nice city, I must admit nothing compares to German Kantons! I find them better maintained and cleaner. The funny part of that day was that we couldn’t get use to French language and on every step (on the streets, supermarkets, restaurants) we were speaking German to the locals. It’s quite unusual for me, that even though we were still in Switzerland, we weren’t able to use German anymore!

An interesting spot, totally worth seeing, is an Olympic Museum. The building and its gardens are amazingly designed and each piece is unique and special.

Also, the city is known of its beautiful gothic cathedral. Allegedly it’s the biggest cathedral in the entire Switzerland. The most interesting parts of the building are the windows as they are a mosaic work.

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  1. Are you planning any trip soon? I really waiting for next post. You are my inspiration!