Greek vacation

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My trip around Greece started in a beautiful atmospheric city called Thessaloniki. What caught my attention in the first place was the amount of good coffee houses and boutiques. And when I say good I mean really good. Each place has a lovely decor, professional stuff and excellent quality service. I have to admit that after coming back from Greece I won’t be able to drink a coffee in Starbucks back again. The best coffee I have ever had is actually the Greek frappe. What surprised me a lot was a huge variety of independent boutiques. In the era of chain stores it’s not that easy to find something different and I can frankly say Thessaloniki comforts customers in that field.

The major part of life in Thesseloniki is the sea (which is very clear) and beach bars. Apart from the stunning view on the city from The White Tower, city offers many beach lounge bars with breathtaking landscapes. As the city is really modern (well, apart from the public transport, which for the foreign tourist might be quite problematic) it still remains Greek (and thank God for that!). No wonder that nectar was the Greek gods food. Greeks know what to eat and how to eat. Thessaloniki is full of many great restaurants and tavernas. Thessaloniki is a total must-see while being in Greece!

During my staying in Greece I also had opportunity to visit lovely Parga and Lefkada island. Apart from stunningly clear sea, delicious food and cocktails I really enjoyed different surroundings, especially Greek people (although both places are very touristy). Below you can see the mixed collages showing Thessaloniki, Parga and Lefkada.

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