Post-summer self care plan

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Kat 9 Comments

As the summer is going to an end, I have been working on my new post-summer self care plan. Because of the sun exposure, swimming in the lake, hot dry air and (in my case) workout holiday, I feel my body needs some special treatment these days. This is why I decided to create a unique beauty routine to improve my condition. I thought I'd share it on blog as some of you is probably also considering changing some daily habits. So here we go!


The thing that I really missed doing in the summer was working out. It's not only because of staying in a good shape. A while ago I noticed that a decent workout is a huge mood booster for me. After a one hour round with Jillian Michaels I really feel alive and I handle stress way better than when I skip a sport session. The first step is to purchase some new workout goodies. Apart from my shopaholic inner biases, nothing motivates me more to do something than a new item involved in the specific activity. In that case it will be a new workout set, ideally bra and pants as I am really happy with my Nikies so far. Then I won't be able to sit on the couch while having a new gorgeous workout outfit idly laying in my closet. I am a seasonal runner, so if I don't like what I see through my window, I definitely stay home. If you are the same type I can totally recommend you my favourite workouts. If you like it rough you should check out Jillian Michaels (Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, No More Trouble Zones, 30 Day Shred) and the most popular trainer in Poland, Ewa Chodakowska (Skalpel, Killer, Turbo), I can guarantee you, if you stay motivated and systematic, you will see your first results after a week (speaking of 3-5 days of working out per week). Another great team of trainers is Astrid Swan and Danielle Pascente (here is the link to 30 Day Fat Burn programme playlist). I absolutely love their programmes as they are short but effective, especially the ones using weights. If you like to have some active recovery days I totally recommend Mel B. Her sessions are short and not too tiring, but perfect to stay in shape (here you can find the entire programme, my favourite part is belly, ABS and bum shaper). Few months ago I discovered a fantastic channel called Yoga with Adriene for the yoga beginners and I love it! Don't forget about the warmups and cooldowns! Good luck!


When it comes to diets I am a total amateur. I have never been on a diet, I have never been interested in that and probably I would never be able to stand the test of time of being on one either. I simply like food and I like eating what I like. My only rule is to not snack between the meals. I eat every 3-4 hours during the day. My schedule looks like that: 7:30 - breakfast, 10:00 - small snack and a coffee/tea, 13:00 - lunch, 16:00 - small snack, 19:00 - dinner. Recently I've become a salad fan. I used to think that salad cannot replace a regular meal and I can only eat it as an appetizer. Now I just love mixing everything to create a fancy salad, including spinach, salmon, seeds, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and so on. I think it's quite important to control your body, but instead of torturing it, just try to teach your stomach to be hungry "on time"! My guilty pleasure is salty snacks, as far as I can give up on ice-cream or chocolate, I just can't live without chips or nuts. Here is another benefit of working out though, because every time I feel blue for something salty I realize that it would be silly to waste the workout I did for few minutes of a calorie bomb.


I am a huge fan of natural supplements and oils. I am obsessed with everything natural, organic and bio. I don't know if it's fashion or not, but I just love discovering new products and brands that provide stuff like that. The supplements that I have been using and I can recommend 100% are spirulina and chlorella - the sea's algaes. They not only detox your body, make your skin, hair and nails look fabulous, but they also influence your metabolism and immune system. You can buy them both either in pills or in a powder form. The best way to take them is 2:1, which means for example 3 spirulina pills and 6 chlorella ones (I know it sounds like a lot, but believe me, there are no chemicals inside and the usual dose for chlorella is 15 tablets and for spirulina 6).

Hair care

I absolutely hate "improvements" in hair products (unless it's a hair spray) and I strongly believe when it comes to daily care, we shouldn't load our head with parabens, silicones etc. Instead, I think every shampoo should contain some healthy ingredients like vitamins. The company I really trust in this case is Apivita. I discovered Apivita cosmetics last year while being on holidays in Greece. They offer a gigantic variety of natural products for each body part, each age group and also for men. My favourite line is the one dedicated to sensitive scalp, it's very gentle, smells nice and doesn't leave irritated skin. Apivita has a lot of fantastic hair masks and conditioners. I am sure you will find there something good for yourself!

Face care

I have had the same face care routine for years. I was removing make up with a make up remover (milk), I was washing my face with gel, and then I was putting a cream. A while ago I realised that my skin is dry. I tried to change the make up remover, gel and creams, but nothing changed. Once by sleepover at my friend's place I used her micellar water and then it hit me. I don't need to use gel! I usually don't have problems with acne so I was basically drying out my skin without a reason. Micellar water works for me much better and faster (as I skip the make up remover and the gel). Currently I am using La Roche-Posay micellar water. To complete the face care I do a peeling (Perfecta) and face mask (Ziaja, Apivita, FaceFood) once per week.

Body care

This may sound terrible, but I always forget weekly peelings and daily lotions. My goal now is to actually remember about it and to it regularly. Post-summer skin is really dry and needs moisturising more than ever. Currently I am using Nivea Q10+ firming lotion, Le Petit Marseillais moisturising lotion with shea butter, and Tutti Frutti peeling.

Foot and nail care

My feet and nails are something I really neglected recently. As I am high-heeled shoes lover, you can imagine the shape of my feet and toes. Apart from recommending new softening creams I can give you an advice how to make your feet look really good without peeling them all the time. I discovered that what really makes my feet look and feel good is a tea tree oil. I add few drops to the bowl with warm water and I keep my feet there for 15 minutes. Effects are visible after one usage!

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  1. I really enjoyed reading it, need to try the tea tree oil for my feet as well! Thank you for it xx

  2. Used to take Chlorella for a while but it made me feel awfully!!! Is it normal, you think?

    1. In the beginning it might make you feel a bit insipid, but it shouldn't be harmful as it's a natural sea algae. Make sure the distributor is known on the market.

  3. Now I know why your hair are so amazing! need to resign from all those popular brands if it helps. Thx

  4. I love reading your blog! It's so full of good ideas. I will be coming back more often ^^

  5. to "workout" section I would add everything from Rebecca-Louise - she's amazing!

    1. Oh I will definitely check her out then! Thanks!

  6. I feel the motivation! Ready to go! :)