The Vogue Factor

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About a week ago, one book suddenly fell into my hands. I was wandering through the bookstore with my mum, chasing the latest Mario Vargas Llosa book, when I spotted a very catchy title (at least for me) — VOGUE. I immediately captured the book as it was the only piece left on the shelf and it was 25% off! Then, I started reading it and I literally couldn't stop. The book's title is The Vogue Factor and it was written by Kirstie Clements — the former Editor-In-Chief of Vogue Australia. That intrigued me even more and it became obvious I was going to buy this book. In the Polish edition, there is a short description on the cover saying: Behind the scenes of fashion world, which is actually very well-chosen as this book is exactly about what's happening behind the scenes. Clements' memoir is not only a fantastic guide for newbies in the fashion industry, but it also proves Danielle Sibarium was right saying — There's nothing you can't do if you want it bad enough.
From the very first page I loved Kirstie's personality and the way she describes her career. I think it might be the Australian thing, when you meet someone astonishing and then you realise they are so down-to-earth and normal, like someone living next door. It might be surprising considering the fact that Kirstie worked in fashion for more than 25 years! I think it's really great when someone working in the fashion industry maintains a healthy distance from themselves and is able to joke about their job. That's why I can already tell you, you are going to fall in love with this book.
My favourite chapter was about the times when Kirstie worked in the beauty department. Author describes her fabulous meeting with Estée Lauder and amazing events she attended. The book is written that well, that you can imagine all those happenings like you were there too!
The Vogue Factor title may suggest that the book describes what it takes to work in Vogue. And yeah, it kind of does. But the main issue described there shows the reality of working in this industry, including its perks and disadvantages. That's what makes this book so special - the truth.

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