Dear Santa...

Monday, November 16, 2015

As in majority of stores the Christmas spirit has already shown up, I started thinking what to buy for my beloved ones and what I would like to get this year. I must admit I am totally obsessed with Christmas - I love holiday decorations, buying presents, cooking special Christmas dishes, dressing up a Christmas tree and spending this time with my family.
I am also that kind of person, who hates doing anything last minute. This is why next week I am planning to go Xmas gifts hunting (another benefit of shopping before December, is that there is a bigger variety in shops and less people around). Below you can check some of my ideas what to get for friends and family and also my personal wish list!

Making presents to your family should be the easiest task as you know them very well. Yet, sometimes it really ain't that easy as you simply can't find something proper or good enough. Personally I try to buy something pragmatic for my parents as they are very practical people. For example I find a good idea to get a nice dinnerware set for my mum, a scarf and gloves set or a classic Christmas hamper. For my dad daily care cosmetics set, a mug or pyjamas. Depending on how big is your family and, obviously, how big is your budget, you can custom the sets. When it comes to the siblings, it all depends on their taste. I think a perfume, cosmetics set (Benefit's gift set is ideal for ladies), jewellery or a watch would be a perfect match. A pair of holiday socks, candles, a phone case or Christmas patterned leggings are also a good (and easily available) idea.



If you don't have siblings, you can use those ideas with making presents for your friends. I am sure you best friend would love a gigantic comfy Xmas jumper for girls nights in! A cute cushion or a hat seems a good idea as well. For decorations freaks (like myself) I could recommend a set of Christmas tree ornaments.
If you are chasing a perfect gift for your significant one, forget the pragmatics, stay with the classics! A fabulous perfume or a piece of jewellery always passes the test.


I hope you find my suggestions helpful and I wish you best of luck! Meanwhile I am starting a Christmas countdown and I am looking forward to visit my family in Poland! Have a good Monday and week!

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  1. Po przeczytaniu twojego posta już rozmarzyłam się na tą świąteczną atmosferę i przypomniałam sobie, że ja też nie kupiłam jeszcze prezentów więc skorzystam z twojej rady aby wybrać się na zakupy póki jeszcze nie ma tylu osób w sklepach.

  2. Nie mogę się doczekać świąt i tej magicznej atmosfery. Rzeczywiście, prezenty zawsze stanowią wyzwanie, ale myślę, że dzięki Tobie wpadłam na kilka inspiracji!