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Wednesday, November 25, 2015 Kat 7 Comments

I noticed these days people find it hard to enjoy themselves solo. Do we always need someone to define us? Can't we just go on a solo hike or a coffee and celebrate ourselves? Many people are still afraid to do so because of the judgemental looks of others. Isn't that silly? You don't even know these people, so why would you care?! And I bet you would not be the only solo out there anyways. Personally I love to plan one day during the week only for myself and to spend it with myself only. To do things that I enjoy doing on my own, without any rush and without any concern. This boosts my own confidence and gives me the positive energy to deal with other people. So find your niche and have fun in your own company!

One thing you can learn from the confident people is self appreciation. Every time you go out, look in the mirror and tell yourself: Damn, I look good. And remember, practice makes perfect! It's important to value yourself, it not only raises your confidence and makes you feel better, but prevents breaking down when something goes wrong. Like Maya Angelou once said: Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.

Another thing - don't count the time while taking care of yourself. Arrange free time for yourself, to exercise, to take a long relaxing bath, read, make peelings or face masks! Sometimes we need to be a little bit egocentric for our own good! Enjoy doing what you like and have fun spending time only with yourself! As the saying goes: You need to love yourself first before you can truly love others.
When I do my own rituals I put a flight mode on my cellphone and stay away from the social media (yes, really!). You can't even imagine how stress-free is spending an entire day away from all the information and people nagging you online! It's like a self charging day! You gotta try it!

From time to time, make yourself a spontaneous present. It doesn't have to be an award of accomplishing something. It also doesn't need to be something huge. I am not asking you to spend your entire salary at Balmain's ;) It might be a chocolate box that you usually don't buy, or a nice cashmere sweater you always wanted to get while going back from work. Make yourself small gifts every now and then and enjoy it. Appreciate the little things, it will help you become a happy person!

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  1. Masz rację kiedy człowiek cieszy się z małych rzeczy to staje się pozytywnie nastawiony do życia i potrafi się nim cieszyć.

  2. Warto czasami się wyłączyć od tego wszystkiego , zero telefonów, mediów społecznościowych i zająć się sobą aby pozytywnie naładować akumulatory do życia.U mnie o tej porze roku to książka i gorąca czekolada (latem może być tabliczka).

  3. Thanks for the post!
    This was so about myself. Even I don't care about other people but I do feel really awkward every time when I'm alone. Have to begin step by step to forget how awkward I feel in those moments!

  4. Fajny post.Masz rację dobrze jest polubić siebie to łatwiej jest lubić innych i akceptować ich takimi jaki są.

  5. Też tak czasem lubię. Włączyć dobrą muzykę (albo buszować po Spotify w poszukiwaniu nowej), poczytać gazetę/książkę, zrobić coś dobrego do jedzenia i po prostu się tym cieszyć. Zwłaszcza w jesienne wieczory ma to swój urok. :)

  6. That's so true! In this days people are afraid of being alone. They do not appreciate how important is to get to know yourself and simply enjoying being you.