Winter self-care

Sunday, December 20, 2015

As winter may get really harsh on our appearance, it's crucial to know how to take care of ourselves when the temperature drops. Below you will find both my tips and the results of my research (which I tested on myself). Hope that helps!

Skin care

There has been so much confusion about which type of cream to use during the day - moisturizing or greasing. I am no expert, but here's what I have been doing based on my experience and, obviously, the effects.

I use a moisturizing cream with a sun filter daily (Stenders Wild Rose), I additionally put a special gel/cream under eyes (Stenders). Of course I do not leave the house straight after putting the moisturizer (doing that in winter time might ruin your natural skin protection and harm you more than actually help). Afterwards I usually do a layered make up, which means I use both a foundation and a powder as an extra barrier for my face. For the night I use a nourishing Stenders cream as well.
Sometimes, when my skin needs some extra care I do use a thick greasing cream (Ziaja, Bambino). A part of my winter skin care routine is nourishing it by doing face masks at least twice per week. Before making one, I first do the peeling. As our skin is especially irritated in winter, it's better to do the enzymatic peeling instead of using the coarse grained one.
Instead of spending money on expensive lotions, I try to stay practical with my kitchen equipment. The cocoa oil, lemon and honey make the exact combination I need. I apply all of them directly on my skin - the cocoa oil on body, lemon on my scalp and honey on lips. Vitamins A, E and coenzyme Q10 are essential for our skin in fall and that's why you should search for creams that contain this mix.

It's very easy to dry skin out when it's cold outside. That's why some of you should give up the daily use of face gels and (at least in winter) switch to micellar water. And if there's still anyone using a soap, just stop it right now! Try to avoid overusing water in your daily face care. After the shower, put a moisturizer right away as each shower gel removes the protecting cover of our skin. An oil could be a good alternative for a very dry skin. I love my Eveline Macadamian Oil which moisturizes skin perfectly + smells devine + looks fabulous (the skin is literally glowing after putting it!). This month I am willing to try the Palmer's variety of oils (in Poland available in Hebe drugstores).
And hey, don't forget about your hands and feet! During the day I apply a hand cream every now and then, I put some extra layer for the night (I heard that special gloves are fantastic, although they don't seem practical for me as I am always on something). A cream with shea or cocoa butter and urea is a rescue night treatment for dry feet.

Also, remember to moisturize yourself from the inside! You should be drinking at least 1,5/2 litres of water per day. Carrot juice will be helpful in maintaining a healthy complexion colour as it contains the beta-carotene (especially in winter our faces look pale and grey). For cooking (and also as a body lotion) you can use a miracle worker - the coconut oil. It's very helpful with acne as well!

Hair care

A major help for our hair in winter is nothing else, but eggs! And I really mean it! You can help yourself by eating an egg per day and by making a hair mask containing yolk. That will prevent your hair from breaking and electrifying. Below you can find an egg mask recipe for weak hair! It will restore it, add some volume and, as it's made out of natural ingredients, you don't need to worry about any chemicals or scalp irritations!

All you need is:
* one yolk (for medium length hair)
* 1 table spoon of apple vinegar
* 1 table spoon of honey
* couple of drops of any oil (for example castor oil)
(* you can add a table spoon of hot water to make the mask easier in application)

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, if the mask remains thick, add a spoon of hot water. Apply the mask on the entire length of the hair and leave it for around 20 minutes. Afterwards, wash your hair with the shampoo and rinse it properly.

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