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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Today about my daily make-up routine! Last post I made about make-up cosmetics was over 8 months ago and since then I replaced many tools with some new ones.

First up - the primer and setting spray. Those two things have not changed and I don't think they will any soon! I still find Smashbox primer and Urban Decay setting spray absolute number ones, even while wearing a light foundation, you can be sure your make-up will stay in place for at least 12 hours (been there, done that). I use Smashbox product to begin with (just before applying the foundation) and Urban Decay spray after my entire make-up is done.

Although Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation is quite thick and not really proper for a daily make-up, I am its massive fan as it covers up all the imperfections and redness. It's my number one when it comes to "party all night long" gigs and when having "a bad skin day". When I don't need to cover up much I use Maybelline Satin Liquid. As I tend to have dark undereye circles, MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is my everyday lifesaver. To apply those products I always use the Beauty Blender sponge.

My favourite part of the daily make-up routine is bronzer/blush. Urban Decay palette is my top product, it's got beautiful colours, I love the shimmer and the fact that it lasts forever! I've had this palette for more than 8 months and I still use it! Regarding to powder, I've been using MAC Studio Fix for about a year and I am really happy with it. That's my second box (another fantastic long-term lasting product).

The Clinique eye shadow palette is actually my latest discovery. Before I was using the Maybelline Nudes, but since my favourite colours in that palette ran out, I decided to look for something new and I caught a bargain by buying the one below half price in Manor! I love its consistency and shades! As a lipstick person I hate heavy eye make-up, that's why I always use gentle pastel colours and I think I recently found my perfect match!

For the brows I use the Estée Lauder eyebrow mascara in Blonde shade. I was really struggling to find the right tool for me because of my hair colour it's hard to pick the perfect product. As much as I loved the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, I decided to try something else and once while buying the Double Wear foundation, the sales assistant asked me to try their new brow mascara and since I liked it a lot, I still use it until this day.
Before applying a mascara I always curl it with (like the cheapest ever) H&M eyelash curler. Sometimes I also use a conditioner (MAC or recently Eveline). My favourite mascaras would be MAC False Lashes Maximizer, L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes and Benefit They're Real!.

When it comes to lipsticks there's no other brand that fulfills my expectations. It's always MAC. The variety of colours, consistency and long lasting form never let me down. When I need a new lipstick I always head to MAC. Although recently I've tried an Estée Lauder lipstick and I really liked it too!

Maybe nail polishes do not exactly apply to the daily make-up routine, I am absolutely addicted to them. Since my teenage years I've had my own ritual of doing my nails myself and it has never changed. Many of my friends choose to get their nails done in beauty salons, but personally I really enjoy doing them myself so here's my "little" collection of my favourite nail polishes. My top picks are: Maybelline, Sally Hansen and L'Oreal.

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