Choker evolution

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As I don't usually get influenced easily by trends, there is one which I am totally obsessed about! Yes, I am clearly in love with choker necklaces (check out my Instagram feed for a proof)! I find them really chic as they complete every look and make it unique. Below a little history of how it all began and my tips how to wear choker necklaces!

Chokers had their big time in 90's when all the models and celebs wore them proudly at all kinds of events. That's not all the history, hey! First chokers as we know them appeared long time ago reaching Chinese, and Native American cultures! A while ago somebody told me that in 19th century a choker was an inseparable part of a prostitute's look! I felt so offended that I immediately did my research and well... swallowed my own words... As a proof, here's a famous painting by one of my favourite artists of all time Édouard Manet and his Olympia.

Chokers were also worn by ballerinas and the upper class ladies. The choker form could vary - from a single stripe or a little ribbon to a massive pearl necklaces.

In 90's the trend had its big comeback by going along with the expansion of gothic motives in fashion. They symbolized rebellion and were mostly inspired by the music stars including Madonna, Spice Girls, Prince and Britney Spears. Here's the full history of chokers in the music industry.

Check out below how the trend has been followed nowadays by celeb fashionistas!

I've made few collages with different chokers as a suggestion how you can wear them! Hope you like them! Cheers!

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