Best festive campaigns 2016

Friday, December 16, 2016

No matter where you live, you are most likely surrounded by Christmas decor in every shopping mall, city centre, train station or airport. I guess that's the normal December (in some countries even November!) turn when everything transforms into a Santa Claus abbey. But the public places are not the only locations where you'll find the upcoming Christmas spirit. The other place is nowhere else than your very own house, more specifically your tv/computer. I think UK is the ultimate Christmas campaign leader worldwide, so I decided to choose few of my favourite festive clips of 2016 and share them with you. Let me know which one is your favourite!

1. Marks & Spencer

I think this years M&S Christmas ad is just so cute and it represents literally all that Christmas is about. I really like the story and the message behind. Check it out below!

2. Burberry

Burberry's Christmas campaign is not exactly "christmassy" as it relates more to the brand's history than the festive time. That's because this year Burberry celebrates its 160th anniversary and to praise its heritage, Christopher Bailey engaged the biggest names in the movie industry to participate. The clip was directed by Academy Award-winner Asif Kapadia and is starring Domhnall Gleeson, Sienna Miller, Dominic West and Lily James. I think it's absolutely breathtaking. I love the idea, the cast and the music. It's definitely something special that we've never seen before.

3. Amazon

I think this years Amazon festive advert is just beautiful in its simplicity and originality. It shows that despite differences friendship can be real and selfless. Brilliant.

4. Mulberry

Mulberry's festive campaign is just adorable. This year the brand chose little actors to take part and play their own version of adult's life problems. Can you recognise yours?

5. Coach

I'd like to introduce you to Rexy - Coach's Christmas star, who's just about to invite you to a whole new level of a Christmas party!

 6. H&M

I think the best thing about H&M's clip is obviously Mr Adrien Brody. I mean, do I have to say anything else to encourage you to watch it?


7. House of Fraser

House of Fraser is quite known here for its extravaganza festive campaigns. This year ain't different. Check out their latest ad below!

8. Boots

Boots's campaign shows the problem that's known to each one of us - working on Christmas day. The video presents ladies that work on December 25th every year in order to help others. Because of that Boots has decided to do something special for them instead.

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  1. Najbardziej spodobały mi się klipy Heathrow oraz Marks & Spencer.Dorzuciłabym jeszcze do tej listy Allegro "Czego szukasz w Święta".

  2. Wszystkie wprowadzają mnie w świąteczny nastrój.

  3. Magiczne reklamówki bo to i magiczny czas.

  4. Klip Heathrow całkowicie oddaje przylot moich rodziców.