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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Since I started my new job in London I have a feeling that my skin's needs have changed dramatically. I guess in Switzerland I used to spend most of my time outdoors, not to mention the air quality here and there! Before I barely needed extra moisturising or products focused on a specific skin issue, but now my face cries for a whole new treatment! Even though I still love my favourite products (so don't give up on them if they do work for you!) I had to let go since they weren't serving me very well anymore. So I've done some research for my new beauty plan and here's what I found (and the results are outstanding!).

Step number one: I had to specify what was my main issue. My biggest concern was a very dry skin and the foundation becoming patchy after few hours of wearing. I've literally browsed entire internet, starting with my favourite make-up vloggers' channels. First product that needed to be replaced was a primer. As much as I love Smashbox products, their silicon texture wasn't right for me anymore as I needed deep moisturising. One of the top primers that repeatedly appeared in every review I was reading/watching was Laura Mercier's hydrating primer. And girls - it is such a game changer. This product finally gave me the boost I needed by moisturising and radiating my complexion, dry flaky skin disappeared and the patchy face was finally left behind!

From there I could follow up with the new foundation. Here I had few options - I was thorn between Giorgio Armani, YSL and Bare Minerals products. I went to the beauty department for expert's advice. A lovely lady has quickly interviewed me and based on my preferences advised me the YSL Fusion Ink foundation and I absolutely love it. Its light and soft texture is just perfect for me. It has a very gentle coverage which gives you a natural look.

I also exchanged my moisturizers - at the moment I am using the Estée Lauder day and night creams. They are both quite rich but light at the same time. I've already noticed a massive difference after just few weeks of usage.

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