How to wear trainers

Monday, March 27, 2017 Kat 3 Comments

Hi guys! So I know it's been a while, there has been so much happening in my life recently, mostly work related, but since my situation seems to be more stable now, I am back and looking forward to share with you my recent work!

Over past few years sportswear has become the hottest trend in the fashion industry, not only because most of designers decided to introduce gym wear as part of casual style, but also thanks to the raising popularity of healthy lifestyle and the importance of comfort in our lives. Few years ago I would never wear leggins out and about, not to mention sneakers which were only designed for gym in my case. Now I cannot imagine having few pairs of these in my closet for daily outfits! Even though trainers are so popular right now, I have a feeling not everyone feels confident to play with them. I've picked some of my favourite looks from Pinterest and created few collages of my own as well. Let me know which one is your favourite!


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  1. Jak dla mnie to numer 3.

  2. I elegancko i sportowo.


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