Vacation in Zurich

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Good afternoon y'all! I know it's been a while... I've been soo busy these days, that today is literally the first time I could actually log in to my blog account in months! I did some refreshment with the layout and also decided to share with you pictures from my vacation in Switzerland. I haven't been in Zurich since I moved to London last year, so this trip was kind of a big deal to me!

I had a chance to visit some good old places and also discover some new hot spots in the city. The picture of breakfast above was taken in a Lebanese restaurant called Bebek, which is located in the Wiedikon area. Although the food and coffee were absolutely amazing, we were a bit disappointed with service. I think living in the UK made me a little bit spoiled when it comes to customer service as here every client is treated like a VIP.

My favourite part of the trip (apart from seeing my lovely friends and family!) was browsing in chocolate boutiques! Läderach chocolate is my absolute favourite in the entire world so of course I spent most of my cash there... I don't feel bad about it at all ;)

I honestly think Zurich is one of those places, where you can actually have a proper vacation without leaving town. Apart from local attractions such as open air cinema or pier parties, there's always beautiful and clean lake you can swim in, or simply relax at the Badi. Bellevue area is perfect for a Sunday walk or a late afternoon barbecue.

One of the exciting activities while visiting Zurich, is definitely shopping in the most expensive street in Europe, the famous Bahnhofstrasse! Of course as a professional shopaholic, I wouldn't miss it for a world, so accompanied by my friend, I decided to hit the luxury spots in the heart of the city.

Something I do recommend to you all, is visiting the Uetliberg mountain. If you like hiking, that's a must-see point in Switzerland. This time, with by busy schedule seeing everyone I know, unfortunately I didn't have a chance to go there, but please please do so if you ever visit Zurich!

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  2. Fajny post i piękne zdjęcia.

  3. Urocze te wakacyjne zdjęcia.