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I've decided to title this post "2018" for several reasons. First of all, it's actually my first entry in 2018 (I know, it's February already... please don't), but also it's going to be about the 2018.

I was happy for my friends when I saw long monologues on Facebook how sad they are to farewell 2017, I was honestly happy it's been a good year for them. But frankly? It was not for me. 2017 was one of the toughest years I had to face in my life, it was very challenging in regards to my personal life, career and everything else that was happening around it. I would say it was a year of uncertainty, fear and hard hard work.
Every year, by the end of December, I write a short list of resolutions (maybe a cliche, but it kind of works for me) and I type next to the year number a headline. Some kind of motivation, a main focus for that new year. In 2017 that motif was "Work". Where did that lead me to? I literally worked my a** off. I had so many hours of overtime that at some point I've been taxed the same amount (if not more) as I thought I'd earn. Conclusion? So not worth it. My friends were constantly getting angry at me, because obviously I couldn't find time to see them or even when I did, my mind was elsewhere. Although I still loved my job, I felt I was getting tired and it wasn't working anymore.

When I first came to London I was the most excited person you'd probably meet in your life. Seriously, people used to constantly joke about it. I was excited about everything - from food, local pubs, buildings to having a ride on tube and the new arrivals coming into my store. But because I trapped myself with the job, I forgot why I came to this city in the first place. I forgot I wanted to move to Central London, I forgot I wanted to have time to work creatively and continue writing. Don't get me wrong, that job was the best thing that happened to me since a very long time and the people I met there are a big part of my life now. But it wasn't just a job, it was a comfort zone. A comfort zone I desperately had to get out of. I honestly believe that things happen for a reason, so when another company approached me on Linkedin, I went for it. And although sometimes it gets hard, cause there are more things expected from me, I love that challenge, I love the fact I have that drive back and I am willing to deliver and to prove myself. Landing a job in Central London pushed me to another thing I always wanted, getting my own place in the city. So here I am, after months of battling and looking for my perfect spot, I found an amazing apartment with one of my best friends, in my favourite area in the entire London. Of course it drained my bank account critically in the beginning, but I don't remember being that happy (and not guilty at all) about it!
A lot of people already say that 2018 is all about changes. I am not sure if that's my case, but what it definitely is about is rebirth and revival. I just turned 26 and I feel good cause I think I am in a pretty good place now. Therefore, if you feel stuck and need a drastic change, just stick to your guts and do it. I would also like to take this opportunity to praise one of my best friends Katie, who finally decided to get out of her comfort zone and she is moving to Madrid! I am just so proud of her as she is taking that risk to pursue her dreams!

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