5 things you didn't know about Ralph Lauren

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Continuing my series of fashion brand profiles, this time I've done some research on Ralph Lauren. Most of you would probably recognise the company because of the Polo label and its sportswear. Few months ago I've learnt there is so much more behind the pony symbol as Ralph Lauren is a true American heritage giant. Check out below 5 facts that you probably didn't know about the brand!

No. 1

Ralph Lauren began his adventure with fashion by working for Brooks Brothers behind the tie counter. It wasn't long until he designed his own tie line which gained popularity so quickly that in 1962 he started his own label named Polo. Lauren's company soon progressed into full menswear and womenswear assortments making his name well known across the elites in the US.

“Ralph Lauren sells much more than fashion. He sells the life you’d like to lead. To own a creation of Ralph Lauren’s is to savour a taste of the American dream. He has elevated what Americans see as possible for ourselves by offering a snapshot of a storybook lifestyle that somehow feels attainable.” - Oprah Winfrey

No. 2

Ralph Lauren's inspiration comes from the true American lifestyle, starting with Western motifs, through nautical style, ending at smart tuxedos and suits. A lot of his assortment though (especially riding pieces and blazers) was inspired by the British fashion. In early 1980s he presented an American view of aristocratic dressing. He remained authentic throughout the entire process of making, even the cloth was sourced from Scottish wool mills.

No. 3

In 1973 he made the famous pink suit that Robert Redford wore in The Great Gatsby movie. "I was doing Gatsby long before The Great Gatsby came out" - Ralph Lauren

In 1977 he also designed the costumes for the lead cast of Annie Hall. "Annie's style was Diane's (Keaton) style - very eclectic. Oversized jackets and vests (waistcoats), floppy men's hats and cowboy bootsWe shared sensibility, but she had a style that was all her own. Annie Hall was pure Diane Keaton."

No. 4

More than 30 years ago, Lauren became the first fashion designer to present an all-encompassing home collection presented in a lifestyle setting. He recalls what had prompted him to launch Ralph Lauren Home back in 1983, “Everything I do comes from my life. When Ricky [his wife] and I were creating our first home, we couldn’t find the things we were dreaming of, not just the colors and textures, but the quality of things like pure cotton sheets. That’s when I decided to create my home collection. I knew I wanted it to be as complete a statement for the home as the one I was making in apparel. I connected it to the same lifestyle themes that inspired those collections: a rustic cabin in the mountains, a charming New England house, a shingled cottage by the sea or a glamorous penthouse in the city.”

No. 5

Ralph Lauren iconic bag Ricky has been named after his beloved wife - Ricky Lauren. Most of the Collection bags feature the legendary buckle from the Ricky bag. The designer mentions on multiple occasions that his wife is his ultimate style icon and how he admires her sense of fashion.

"I don't usually feel comfortable walking in to designers stores. At Ralph everybody makes you feel at home." - Valentino

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